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GHIAL-Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Hyderabad




The GMR-Amazon Fulfilment Centre at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad is a significant project encompassing various construction disciplines. This state-of-the-art facility combines Civil works, Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) structures, Electrical installations, Fire Fighting systems, and Road works to create a robust infrastructure for efficient logistics operations.

Civil works involve the construction of the foundation, flooring, walls, and roofing, providing a sturdy framework for the facility. PEB structures offer versatility and speed in construction, contributing to the swift assembly of the warehouse components.

Electrical works encompass the installation of lighting, power distribution systems, and other electrical infrastructure essential for daily operations. These systems ensure a reliable power supply to support the facility's activities.

Fire Fighting systems are critical for safety and compliance, with the installation of fire detection, suppression, and evacuation mechanisms to mitigate the risk of fire incidents and ensure the protection of personnel and assets.

Road works involve the construction or enhancement of access roads, driveways, and parking areas to facilitate smooth vehicular movement within the facility and accommodate the transportation of goods.

Together, these components form a comprehensive infrastructure that supports the seamless operation of the GMR-Amazon Fulfilment Centre, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of the logistics operations conducted at RGIA, Hyderabad.

GHIAL-Amazon Fulfilment Centre, Hyderabad


Hyderabad. Telangana

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Some Interesting Facts

Project Cost

61 Cr

Project Status

Completed On 2017
4.41 Lakh Sft

Built Up Area


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