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About Us

Forward focus, ageless values

With over 100 years in the arena of high quality construction and infrastructure development, we have successfully demonstrated our unrivalled prowess foraying through the length and breadth of India forging great partnerships. As one of the forerunners in the construction industry, our distinguished stature today compels us to contemplate the overwhelming challenges of constructions across new geological and international frontiers. 


Our Story

KMV has its roots far in the family lineage from the colonial era, when Mr. Kanakamedala Kotaiah, grandfather of our Chairman & Managing Director Mr. K.M.V. Prasada Rao, began undertaking construction of irrigation canals in his hometown during the lean farming season. This made him a renowned figure in the domain and his repute spread far and wide as projects began to come his way. This legacy was later inherited by Mr. Prasada Rao, who formed KMV in 1979. Having started off as a small company, KMV relentlessly ventured to showcase its engineering skills in varied structures, and started developing construction projects for the government and allied sectors.

KMV's real growth, however, began during the mid 2000s when the company won the bid to construct residential quarters for over 400 families CISF Township near the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad for the GMR Group. The company moved into high paced expansion during the initial years of the millennium and has been consistently recording an impressive overall growth since.

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To build the world of tomorrow on foundations of trust, passion and commitment


With all our customers big or small, we will leverage cutting edge technology, and efficient operation to unfailingly deliver the finest quality product as promised, when promised


  • Always do what is best for the organization and its people

  • Never hesitate to do what is right for the customer

  • Forever stay open to new ideas, no matter where they come from

For KMV Projects, the role of Health Safety & Environment Management is supreme. The company has therefore assigned the highest priority to safety and we are committed to providing the safest possible environment at all our project sites and affirm the protection of all stakeholders against potential hazards

  • To ensure safety leadership that commits all employees to take personal responsibility for ‘on and off job’ safety each day

  • To provide requisite training to employees so that they develop sufficient competence to perform assigned tasks

  • To maintain the highest level of safety at each project site

  • To minimize health and safety risks arising from performance of a given task

  • To ensure safe handling in use of dangerous substances

  • To provide and ensure safe and healthy working conditions

  • To minimize damage to the environment at all project sites and promote growth of plants and trees wherever possible

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

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Quality Policy

KMV strives to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by delivering quality products through timely completion within a safe working environment. We dedicate ourselves to:

  • Persistent improvement in all fields of our business

  • Consistently deliver quality product by adhering to our client’s specifications, plus the contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements

  • Achieve enhanced customer satisfaction through cost-effective and timely completion

  • Motivate and train the staff to constantly improvise on our quality standards

  • Update and implement the procedures complying with international standards

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